Shelley Ram
Online Marketer

Pepole I worked with say:

Ofir Raphael  |  Tourbo

Great experience! The written content is beyond my expectations and I am 100% satisfied with it. This is a true professional. Shelly has the ability of doing marketing writing that will leave a smile on your face. Her choice of words are sharp and interesting. Our company has used Shelley’s services for more than 3 years, and I’m not surprised that almost every day people ask us the contact info of our writer.
Really recommended A++++

Stav Romano  |  Sorezki

Working with Shelley was a pleasure!  Shelley is very reliable, thorough and punctual. She is always on time and gives 100% of herself to the workplace. She is always ready for a new challenge and can study anything if she sets her mind to it. I also like her copywriting style very much, it is elegant and to the point and she can always match the perfect picture to go with it!

Yasmin Keatz | Graphic designer

Shelley was an absolute pleasure to work with, she has a clear vision of what she likes, which allowed the project to move forward very efficiently and smoothly!

Yael Sasonov  |  ProperTLV

From the moment I spoke with Shelley on the phone prior to inviting her for an interview at ProperTLV, I knew that she would be a fantastic fit for the company. She constantly exceeded the company’s expectations and always delivered quality content and contributed great ideas to expand the various marketing initiatives. Her professionalism and punctuality are an asset to anyone who chooses to work with her, and her work is absolutely outstanding, with the results being evident. One thing I liked was her ability to adapt easily to the work environment and to effectively produce quality blog content by the requested deadlines. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone who is looking to expand their business. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and has my wholehearted recommendation.

Tovi Kaduri |  ProperTLV

Shelley was of invaluable help in managing and growing my real estate business. Thanks to her marketing skills and solid understanding of social media, our business outreach doubled over the year that she was working with us. Her professionalism, dedication and never-ending enthusiasm make her an asset to any business owner wanting to grow and expand. We miss her already! 

Effi Atad |

Shelley was part of our customer acquistion team and we found her great to work with. She’s really a catch – with both creative and technical skills which she puts to wonderful use. We were given more help than we knew we needed. She is self motivated, dedicated, quick and professional! I would highly recommend Shelley as I consider her a model member of the team thanks to her consistant good work. 

Maya Bar | Garin Tzabar

I was Shelley’s immediate supervisor for several months. I found her to be consistently pleasant, willing to learn and help with whatever was needed. She did everything with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Shelley was helpful in many aspects of the organization. She was given the task of marketing and finding new potential participants from programs in Israel and was extremely helpful in locating potential participants.

Orly Idan  | IDC

Without a doubt, Ms. Ram surpassed her classmates in her motivation to accomplish the tasks and in her ability to excel in doing so. Her ambition and serious nature were evident throughout the courses and her determination to develop her academic skills was apparent.

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